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Cute Love Story and Romantic Love 2021

Cute Love Story Romantic Love 2021. I felt severe pain in my body. Chinchin is in pain. I gently looked into his eyes. Where am I? I looked to the side and saw that the man was asleep with his head on my hand. I am lying in a hospital bed. What happened to me ?? My moving man understands. I woke up early and sat down. I think my eyes are red and I haven't slept all night.

Cute Love Story Romantic Love

How do you feel now? Hmm good ‌. But what happened to me I woke up in the morning to find you lost consciousness on the floor. I'm so sorry for the night. Gold will never be like that again. I made a mistake I'm a bad girl, so I have to get used to it. There is nothing wrong with you. Lakshmi doesn't say that. You are very good, very sweet, my darling wife. Yes, very dear, I know very well. Well, there's a surprise for you. What's the surprise? You'll see when you get home. I'll go home now. What's the matter, you want to run away from me before and now you want to come to me soon. Babur seems to have fallen in love. Please let me be alone. Well, you take a rest. I've been talking to the doctor. He left. The arrival of gold at a time when I was thinking of something. I think your luck is very good. My brother's wife has gone mad. I mean.

You had no knowledge for two days. Brother, don't pay anything for these two days. Didn't sleep a bit. Just sitting next to you. When will your knowledge return in this hope? Brother has gone mad in love with me Swarna is smiling. Think, Tell me Do you know who is in the next cabin? Who Shawn. Why is he hospitalized again? You'll understand when you see it. All right, let's go Where? 7 to Shaun. How is your body now? Can you walk? Yes, it feels good now. Let's walk I slowly went to the next cabin.

 How did this situation of Eki Shaun happen? Hanging one leg up. Bandage all over. Shaun opened his eyes as soon as I went and sat next to him. I was shaking with fear. I shook my head. You don't catch me, Mom. If I had known before, I would never have looked at you and talked. You are my mother, father, grandmother, and all. Excuse me, De Khalamma  Did you have a problem with your head? What are you talking about? Stay away from me. Otherwise, your son-in-law will bury me alive. As soon as I heard that, my hand went to my head

Oh God, this is what this man wants to do! There is no consciousness of anything. He doesn't even know what to do if he is angry. I have been sitting in bed for a long time. The man came. Come on, sweetheart. It's time for you to leave. Hmm, let's go. Hey, hey, can you walk? Yes, or should I drive inside the hospital. Uh, what am I to do then. He took her in his arms.

Cute Love Story Romantic Love

Cute Love Story Romantic Love

I put it in the car. Seeing Shaun's condition, my head is on fire. I'm staring at the man. Ma Go Ma is looking at me as if she will swallow me with water. Yes, I will eat. I understand you're very hungry. Please don't eat me, I will cook and feed you good food Janti Don't talk nonsense. Please tell me, what's the story of the big puppies 

  •  Your husband.
  •  Well, why did you do that?
  •  God, you have accepted that I am your husband.
  • No, I will not, I will never obey, first tell me why my husband did it.
  • Your husband couldn't believe it.
  • Which one?
  • That someone will hug his sweet widow.
  • Shawn is my best friend

A friend has to rub. Speaking from a distance, I don't have to (angrily) say that his luck is good and I have admitted him to the hospital again. If someone does that for the second time, I will kill him. Touching my wife will make me feel better.

  • I should have explained it better.
  • I can't understand so much.
  • Yes, you can just fight.
  • Yes, I can do that very well.
  • Ah, I'm in danger.
  • Say something?

Nowhere. And you listen carefully. No one can hug you except your close relatives. If caught, the situation will be very bad. Car (swallowed)

  1. Whoever catches you. I'll hold you, I'll love you, I'll caress you. Sometimes I will show anger. No one else
  2. Huh.
  3. Why break up?
  4. I want to.
  5. Oops, that's all I want. Nothing will happen to you.
  6. So
  7. Yes. You are still with me Because that's my wish
  8. If someone steals me.
  9. Can't. No one can take you from me. You are my breath
  10. Tell me how to live without you.
  11. Love so much?

I don't know if I love you. But I need you very much. Just like oxygen, I am useless without you. You are not, I am not, you are, I am. Looking silent. Starting with these eyes is not love for me. There is also the fear of beating me. He is very angry when he sees me with someone else. Maybe that's love. She doesn't want me to be anyone else's. Am I just hers This This is this.

Tell me (I left the world of thoughts) Why can't you love me? Where is my fault? You forced me to get married. You find fault again. If it was another boy, he would have raped her and let her go. I touched you after I got married because I love you. It's the same thing. I had no desire to touch you. I want a baby just like you. The whole house will dance. Call me father, call me a mother. When the baby is done

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