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New Heart Touching Love Stories In English 2021

New Heart Touching Love Stories In English 2021

New Heart Touching Love Stories In English 2021

New Heart Touching Love Stories In English 2021. I feel like a wife. But the son-in-law is an animal. It would be wrong to say oh son-in-law, the animal is a rapist, I don't know how many girls he is treating like that. How many girls are ruining their lives? In other words, the way Thapraya feels, people used to play drums from house to house. Strange people do not understand the difference between drums and people. And no matter what, you can't stay with it for another day. You have to escape anyway. People can do everything if they try. If you can't succeed, that's another matter. Play a sapphire or I will end my life by eating this devil's milk. We have to see where the devil has gone. No, not at home. We have to work according to the plan and wait for the devil to come. I am sitting with my hands on my cheeks. He came after about 40/50 minutes. Which has to be done now. Oh, mother

Heart Touching Love Stories 

 Hey, honey mom at home. What happens if you are in such a hurry. I will inform them about marriage in a few days. Am I calling your mother? My body is feeling bad so I am calling my mother with difficulty. How bad it sounds I feel dizzy and nauseous and can't walk. Wow, one day I was going to be a father. I have to say Mairi has my power. Who will be the father of what? I will be the father of your child. I'm very happy. Wait, I'm bringing sweets Hey, stop that. What a child I have again. Humans. Far be it from you to talk nonsense. Hey, no-nonsense. These are the symptoms of pregnancy. All right. So we have to go to the doctor to be sure, right? Of course. But you can't walk, how can you go? Uh, we're not going to walk. I'll drive. Yes, that's right. Well, get ready in the afternoon. I'll take you to the doctor  All right. 

The bull doesn't know that no one gets pregnant so soon (I said happily)  The man is coming to pick me up at 4.00 pm. Are you ready?  - Yes, let's go. Hey, hey, where do you walk? Why? Going down You don't have to go anywhere You mean? Come on. The stupid girl can't walk and is coming to walk again. Hmm, what am I here for? He took me in his arms. I put him in the car on my lap and left. The man had already told me not to shout in the street. If you do, you will make me a patient in Pabna, it means you are crazy. I am sitting quietly like a good girl.

 Best love story novels in English

best love story novels in english

Love Stories In English 2021

Sujog has to understand and give well, I have sung with happiness in my mind. The devil looks at me sideways. On the way, I saw a blister quite a distance away. The devil knows I like blisters so he stopped the car. And he said I should not dare to get out of the car. I also nodded like a good girl and said yes. The devil doesn't know what's going on in my head anymore. He's leaving to get blisters. Unlock the car, this opportunity. I have to escape. I got out of the car and ran to the other side. Didn't see the devil. I heard the call of Maghrib while running. I stood for a while. I don't understand where. I can't remember anyone's phone number. I am eating everything in tension. How will it be if it is so forgetful? What will I do now? How to get home. I don't know anything.

By now the beast may have started searching for me. If you don't find me, I don't know how Allah escaped from here. The pain in the lower abdomen has started while running. Got quite hungry. I went to the railway station to ask people.  The station looks quite familiar. Suddenly I remembered that it was the Chittagong railway station. I was coming with Nanu 2 years ago. I went inside and saw that it was written. I know that the train to Dhaka will arrive at 10:30 pm.

I have to wait. It's at 8 o'clock. I don't even have ticket money. Somehow I have to go to Dhaka even if I hide with bangles. I have to survive from this animal. On the other hand, the procession from inside the stomach is called Khabar De Khabar De. There are so many people sitting with baskets of food. And I can't eat for lack of money. Now I want to shout very loudly. Give me rice or I'll eat your world. Thinking about all this, I stood with my back to a corner. I sat down with my face down so that no one would see me. How happy I was. Even if it was not with me. Did I do him any harm? I just wanted to live like myself.

Nothing more. Well everyone in the house is looking for me. Do I remember them? And has that little rose tree dried up or is someone taking care of it? Tears came to my eyes when I thought about it. Everyone remembers it very much now. Got thirsty for plenty of water. I am tired and lonely. If I can't drink water now, I think I will die. As soon as I raised my head, those red eyes came in front of me. I have a look. Water bottle in hand. I think it will eat me mixed with water. The man handed me a bottle of water. 

Love Stories

I also ate without saying anything. Because if I don't drink water for another five minutes, I think I will die. I started to feel dizzy as soon as I drank the same water. Before I could say anything, I was about to fall and someone caught me. I could not see the face. I did not understand what happened after that. I discovered myself in a dark room with that red tuk-tuk in front of my eyes.

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