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Love You Forever 2021

 Love You Forever 2021

Love You Forever 2020

 Love You Forever 2021

Love You Forever 2021. The eyes are looking at me. I shuddered in fear and wondered what the name of today's storm could be. Seeing such an angry face, I got a hiss. Oh no, I can't even say what I do now.  The environment is very hot now. After about five minutes the silence was broken and the man slapped me for 4/5 hours. Isn't it fun to play hide and seek? Tell me if you want to play more. I play in two Who am I? Two more under the ear will remember who you are. Okay okay (it's better to be quiet now) Don't think you're too smart. Did you think you ran away from me? Oops, you can't get out of this house if I don't want to. I just played a little game with you. I won, you lost. Now you have to be with me for the rest of your life. Sweetheart, I love you very much.

I love you forever meaning

Love is never found by force. Available if you want. Can you make me happy by hurting me? If you can make me happy with pain, why can't I? Do you have any love for me? Everyone wants to be happy. You want me too. So I'm trying to make myself happy. And I have a love for many helpless people. But what you have is love.  I don't love you. I'm too stale. So don't forget to go away from me. The cheek is swollen. Never do that again, Lakshmi. If I'm angry, I can't control myself. Go, Bau, I'm your angry son-in-law

The man blinked and left the room. On this side, I am sitting with both hands on both sides like a loser. Ah, what a big forehead to eat thaprani in the morning and evening. It's been a long night. You have to eat something, the fight has started inside the stomach, the stomach is no longer full of slaps. As I slowly descended, I saw the man coming upstairs with food. That's how the man understands when I want off.

Seeing me, he took me by the hand and brought me to the room. He started feeding with his own hands just like his mother. How do you know Maya and Maya full of mouth? No, no, Neelu, you shouldn't think about these things. Let's not forget that there is an animal form behind this magical face. Suddenly I became angry. Get out of here, I'm not hungry anymore. Oh my gosh. I think I am angry again. Tell me where you keep your anger. Inside the stomach (anger) Oh God, this is my defeat. My babu will walk on this stomach. If he is angry, he will be angry like his mother. Then there will be no shore on my side. The guy has to be just like me. I am listening to the words with clenched teeth. After blabbering on like little girls do, they gradually became less talkative, slipping into drowsiness. This wife what?

love you forever

love you forever words

Don't listen to that What happened? I'm not getting much love (turning red with shame) Shall I dance now? Ahh, you can do that. So what do I do? Wait and bring a blue sari from the cupboard. Take it and come later. I can't! What do you mean (angry)? No, I can't read. Let me teach you. No, I can read alone. It will be about three o'clock at night then I came to the room wearing a sari. I see the man looking at me with naughty eyes. Off unbearable Slowly approaching. I leaned back against the wall as I walked backward. In my mind, I started to do Oh God. The man leaned down a little and nodded and said let's start the game. I pushed and threw him on the bed. I started sweating in fear.

No, no, I won't play anything. I will sleep. Let me sleep alone. Sweetheart, first of all, this game is not your wish, it is my wish. And secondly, I married you not to sleep alone. Now come to me, my Adult. I will never sleep in the same bed with an animal like you. Do you never use good words ??? Don't force me to look bad, honey. Come here quietly. (Angry) Do whatever it takes. I'm leaving. Good night I turned around and said I would go to another room. The animal is holding its hair from behind. Ah, what are you doing? I feel. Leave

Good words don't work for you. Gold will remember today's life forever. Always say beast. Today or the animal will see the behavior. The eyes have turned red. There is no magic in these eyes. That form is terrible. Threw him on the bed. I was running towards the door again and again and at one point my leg hit quite hard with something. I screamed and woke up. But there is no one to hear this cry. I can't run anymore.

love you forever summary

Yes, this is the man's rupee beast. That made me jump to enjoy. Her every kiss is turning into a room, blood stains are falling. With each kiss, I screamed in pain. But nothing seems to be entering the man's ear. It's as if he's drunk. Feeling very helpless. When he heard the call to prayer, he let me go. The man fell into a deep sleep as he fell asleep. I went to one corner of the room and started sobbing in pain. God knows how long this oppression will last.

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