What are the best love stories? And New English Love Blog

What are the best love stories? And New English Love Blog. I woke up as soon as I saw the light of the sun. I looked to the side and saw that the man was not there. Maybe it got up before me. The morning looks pretty sweet. It is a mild winter, so it is often shrouded in fog. It would have been nice to have hot coffee at that time. Thinking about that, the man came with coffee. Good morning sweetheart. Huh, What's the matter Why did you break in the morning? The anger I am angry with. You can't understand by looking at the face. Babbage, even if you caress at night, even if you don't get angry again. I have gone after no trap now.

What are the best love stories? And New English Love Blog

What are the best love stories? And New English Love Blog

If you keep your ajaira pechal. As I said before, I put chocolate next to my pillow while I slept. I did not wake up in the morning, where did you go? Where did you go? He put the coffee mug on the table and started scratching his head Yes, yes, where did it go? Today I see chocolates being stolen. So who will steal your chocolate? Who sleeps in the same bed as me. Who sleeps  Neka. I don't think he knows who sleeps. Are you talking about me? I don't eat chocolate, honey. And can I eat my baboon's chocolate? You say  Why don't you have a mouth that can't eat? I don't understand why. Playing your chocolate will make me diarrhea. 

The way you curse, hmm. I don't have the courage to eat your chocolate. Chocolate does not have hands and feet that will run away. Of course, you ate, maybe you ate while sleeping so now I don't remember anything. Did you make me a sleeping thief? Eventually, I heard this false accusation from my wife. O Allah, I do not want to live anymore. Take me You don't have to pretend so much.  What to do then. Today I need to bring more chocolate. Namely Agga Madam. This time it is not my fault if the chocolate is stolen. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either What happens when you are small? I think he said something.No no The coffee is cold. Go warm and bring it. I got married with so much pleasure. No matter where my wife cares for me, I am dying to serve my wife. Allah's swollen cheeks I think he said something again.    No no, you come fresh. I'm bringing hot coffee. Hmmm

As soon as I went to the washroom, I was laughing and eating a lot. I fooled the man with false accusations. In fact, I ate my own chocolate and fell asleep. And the blame fell on the innocent angry son-in-law. The bat has to be grabbed in this way. A little love was being made. I got down fresh. I went downstairs and saw that her younger sister Swarna had arrived. Swarna is a very sociable girl. We were studying together. I saw him and told the whole story. The three of us had lunch together. He is getting ready to go to the office in the afternoon. At that time Swarna had promised to go shopping.

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What are the best love stories? And New English Love Blog

What are the best love stories? 

 Brother, I will go shopping. I'll take it tomorrow.No, I will go todayBut my sister has an urgent job in the office. Please go tomorrow I will go with Bhabi. The man couldn't say anything else. He knows his sister will suffer. And he likes his sister very much. All right, take BhabiAnd don't forget to try to escape. My people will always keep an eye on you, honey. I nodded and replied ok. In the afternoon we went out shopping. I kept shopping with gold in mind. I have a few saris and three-pieces for me, and I haven't bought a sheet for winter for her. Feeling very good. Meet Shawn as I leave the shopping mall and get in the car. 

We used to study in the same school together, we were best friends. I got up in college and separated. See you after many days. As soon as he saw it, he grabbed it. It's just like a friend. In which I could not think of anything else. I talked to him in the coffee shop for about an hour and there was gold with him. We reached home around 8 o'clock. I went home and showed everyone our shopping. He reached home at exactly 6 o'clock. I no longer watch Swarna TV. He did not look at us. He went straight to his room upstairs. I didn't bother much about that. At 10.30 am I am watching another gold serial. The man shouted loudly from above, "Come to the blue room."

I am watching TV like myself without paying any attention to these words. After 30/35 minutes, the man came down and stood in front of me. The eyes and face have turned red with anger. I could not find the cause of this anger. My lips are trembling. I said with trembling lips. I would go upstairs right now I could not finish talking. He slapped her on both cheeks. Gold is trembling with fear. The man threatened him and sent him to the room. There are tears in my eyes.

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Without saying anything he pulled my hair. Once you say something, you have to do it immediately. Put it in your head well. I am silent because I do not understand the cause of this anger. The man grabbed my hair and pulled me up the stairs. You are not happy with me. If I had said earlier, I could have irritated you a lot. I would have settled it either. You know very well that I am not a coward Nothing entered my head Your shopping is over at 5 o'clock. Then why did I return home at 8 o'clock? No answer?  Hmm, nowadays you also want to get involved with boys. If Kiri can do it with other men, why can't she do it with her husband If you can sleep in someone else's bed, sleep in my bed

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