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Cute Love Story | Best Romance Novels | Love At First Sight

Cute Love Story | Best Romance Novels | Love At First Sight

Cute Love Story

That girl, go to Dhaka and don't forget about us. I do not remember the house at all. You are so pasana canare? Hearing the words in her mother's wet voice, she squeaked on the left side of her chest. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. After going home, I don't feel like coming back to this busy city. But in Dhaka, I actually forgot about home. Traveling, chatting, studying, I don't think I should go home in such a crowd. I see many of my roommates call home regularly. They talk to everyone.

But I feel a little different. It has been almost a month since I came home, but so far I have called home only once. And today my mother told me this over the phone.

So I decided to go home tomorrow.

The work that you think,,,

I booked an online bus ticket

I packed my clothes and filled my bag and fell asleep like that day.

The next morning I got up and left for home.

Aslam left the mess and went to the bus stand with CNG.

But as soon as I got on the bus, I felt bad. Because I didn't get a seat by the window.

We will take you on a study tour from our varsity to Cox's Bazar once. But today's tour can't be canceled.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

Only 5 minutes left to leave the car. But the passenger in the seat next to me still hadn't arrived.

The car is leaving, but the seat next to me still means no one in the window seat. I am sitting by the window.

But I am happy in my heart because then I can sit in the window seat.

Best Romance Novels

Best Romance Novels

The car started moving. Suddenly a girl in a blue dress sat down on the seat next to me, it seems that she can't control herself standing in the moving car so maybe she is sitting here.

But proving my guess wrong, he grabbed his ticket box in front of my eyes and said, the seat number 16 by the window is mine.

It was as if he had bought the seat. Once I wanted to say, did you buy the seat or not. But then I thought, why not just get involved in an argument with an unknown girl. And to be honest, the first time I saw him, my crush was done.

Blue is my favorite color. And the girl is not bad to see. So, like a gentleman, I left my window seat and took my seat.

I thought I would have to get along with the girl anyway. So beautiful

I will travel so far sitting next to a girl, and will not talk to her, what is it, ??

I looked at him and said, hi, I am Rakib.

But seeing his expression, it seemed that he could not hear me. He is wearing his headphones on his ears and playing fabu in his mind. The car is moving at its own speed. And her hair is flying in the light air coming through the window and falling on my face. I was really enjoying the time.

But suddenly his eyes fell on me and he said sorry,,,

Then he put his mobile phone in the middle of the two seats of the bus and took out a blue gadar from his bag and tied his hair.

And this fuck on the screen of his mobile

I looked and saw his profile name and last status floating on the screen.

Seeing the status and profile name, my eyes are wide open.

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

So this is the girl who lives without seeing him even for a second

Loved it more than.

Is this the girl with whom I have a one-year relationship on Facebook?

Is this the girl who told me that if she asked for a pick she would not give a pick she would meet me directly. Is this the blue reading of my dream?

Suddenly in the sound of the messenger's message

I came back. The message is coming from that blue reading ID.

Babu what are you doing ,, ?? You know, baby, on the bus

A boy is sitting in the seat next to me, the boy is staring at me, I am very upset

Looks like. What do you say?

After receiving the message, I have no doubt in my mind that this is it

I read blue. So I replayed, you look like you are wearing blue in a blue dress. And what was the need to stop the hair?

Looked like open hair.

When I read the message, I saw the girl staring at me in amazement.

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